What does a Storage Tanks manufacturers do?

Storage tank manufacturers design, build, and supply various types of storage tanks for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. These tanks are used to store liquids, gases, and solids, ranging from crude oil and chemicals to water and agricultural products. The manufacturers typically work with a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and concrete to build customized tanks that meet the specific requirements of their clients. They ensure that the tanks are safe, durable, and efficient to prevent leaks or spills that could harm the environment or people. They may also provide maintenance and repair services to ensure that the tanks remain in optimal condition throughout their useful life. Additionally, they comply with safety and environmental regulations to ensure that their products are safe for use and do not harm the environment.

What is a Storage Tanks ?

Storage tanks are containers used for storage of liquids, gases and other raw materials. They vary in sizes, shapes and materials of constructions depending on the specific application they are used for. Storage tanks may be made from metal, plastic, fiberglass, concrete or a combination of these materials. They are commonly used in the petroleum industry for storing crude oil, gasoline, and other petroleum products. They are also used in chemical, water and wastewater treatment, and food processing industries. The tanks can be either above ground or underground and may have different types of fittings and accessories depending on the specific application they are intended for.


We offer a range of storage tanks suitable for storage of chemicals, strong acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents etc. according to the chemical/acid properties, storage specifications, vertical/horizontal, we design the tank in mild steel and stainless steel. Various types of linings are also offered by us for protecting the tanks from corrosive nature of the chemicals and acids storage tanks are durable in construction finish and finds application in different processes in chemical industries like crystallization, distillation, hydrolysis, neutralization and others. Having application in industry sectors.

All over India covering all north to south and east to west regions of India, including domestic and global dealer presence for local support.

These storage tanks are offered to our clients in the following shapes :

• Horizontal Storage Tanks

• Vertical Storage Tanks

• Elliptical Shaped Storage Tanks

• Dished Shaped Storage Tanks

• Flat Storage Tanks

• Conical Head Storage Tanks

We hold expertise in offering SS Storage Tanks for meeting the process demands of chemical industry. We use various material of construction such as MS, Boiler Quality Plates, Stainless Steels, Alloy Steels, Aluminum, MS/Lead bonded.

Capacity from: 50 Liters. To 30,000 Liters. In M.S., S.S. 304, S.S.316 Material.

Applications: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Products, Dairy & others.